Fiscal Year: October 1- September 30


Help Bayview keep our taxes low.  Volunteer to do a few hours a month beautifying Bayview from mowing to pothole filling or simply bringing snacks to other volunteers.  Contact Alderman Gabriel Najera at (956) 434-9872 or the Town Secretary for time and date.

In the event of a disaster, be a part of the Bayview Post-Disaster Recovery team.  Bring any skill you have to the effort including lifting, traffic direction, bookkeeping, security, clean up, cooking and more.  Team members will receive a letter from the mayor giving them priority return to areas after mandatory evacuation of the population.  All team members must be 18 or older.  Each and every person in a vehicle returning early from evacuation must have a letter signed by the mayor and an i.d.  Contact Alderman Jeneria L. Lewis (956) 572-3052 or the Town Secretary for more details.  

The Building and Standards Commission is the quasi-judicial body for the Town of Bayview.  Made up of 5 full members and 2 alternates, no more than 2 members can be selected from the Board of Aldermen.  The Commission is appointed by the Board of Aldermen every 2 years and serves as the appeals and judicial body that hears violations of Bayview Ordinances.  No legal experience necessary.  Fair minded, logical and compassionate leadership are required.  Contact the Town Secretary. 

Volunteer to help schedule, plan and host events at the Town of Bayview.  Call the Town Secretary.

One of the most fun duties in the town, come help fill the potholes, smooth the roads or bring snacks and drinks.  The group meets inconsistently.  Contact the Town Secretary.

Become a volunteer fire fighter or learn to direct traffic during emergency situations.  Call the Los Fresnos Volunteer Fire Department at (956) 233-4473.