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The simplest answer is: always check with the Building Inspector before you do ANY project.

The State of Texas requires all municipalities and counties to issues permits for construction. The minimum set standard for all municipalities and counties is the 2012 International Residential Code for One and Two Family Dwellings. There are several other code books to which Bayview must adhere. These are listed in Article X Permitting of our ordinances. Additionally, Texas requires those living in Wind Zones like ours to adhere to special Wind Zone Construction Standards.

Small towns such as Bayview are not exempt from Texas standards. The Bayview Building Inspector can answer any questions you may have.

Our permitting process preserves the integrity of Bayview’s natural beauty, quality of construction and property values. Additionally, permits protect the homeowner from mistakes or contractor oversight which is frequent in the industry.

Though our ordinances are on the website, you can call or email the Town Secretary or Building Inspector with inquiries.

I’ve read the ordinances and it appears that I DO NOT need a permit. What do I do when I DO NOT need a permit?

Get something in writing

Bayview does not charge for this.  

If you do NOT need a permit for you project, the Town of Bayview recommends that you get something in writing from the Building Inspector (a simple email or letter on Town of Bayview letterhead) and retain the proof that your project did not need a permit at the time of construction. This could save you headache and costs down the road as the codes, ordinances, elected officials, employees and Building Inspectors change. Be certain to have the description of the project, the date of construction and any identifying aspects of your project.

The Ordinances are on our website (ordinance tab).  The majority are in the Zoning Ordinances.   For a quick start, print and review the following: 
1. Article X Permitting
2. Permitting Checklist (front and back)
3. Application for Building Permit

No. There are a few exceptions, but read the ordinances, starting with Article X. If work begins without a permit, permit fees are automatically doubled. Avoid a costly situation where the Building Inspector requires that the work be “undone.”

This depends on the complexity of your project and how quickly the requirements on the Permit Checklist are met. The Town of Bayview asks that you apply for your permit 15 days before the work begins. This includes providing all the items on the checklist. The Building Inspector can process permits for small projects and repairs more quickly, but consider permitting time in your project. Construction loans often have a time component.

Each project is different, however, everyone should be prepared to:

  • Meet with the Building Inspector on site.
  • Have drawings for review. Often a sketch (not professional plans) of their idea suffices. Photographs of examples help. The Building Inspector will accept photos with hand drawn layouts on them. Anything is better than nothing. References such as, "I want to construct a building like the building over on..." can be confusing and create delays in issuing the permit.
  • Provide tax information showing that the Bayview taxes are not delinquent, check for tax information.
  • Provide the legal description for the property.
  • Provide the contact information of the property owner: name(s), mailing address, phone number, and email address.
  • Provide a permit from the Bayview Irrigation District if you are digging.
  • Provide the survey if you are erecting a perimeter fence.
  • Ensure that your contractors are registered with or will register with Bayview before the permit is issued. The Town of Bayview maintains this information on file.

This list is not exhaustive. Review the permitting checklist for all requirements. All Town of Bayview ordinances shall be enforced.

  • Homeowners failing to acquire permits causes the project to be halted or completed work to be dismantled for inspection.
  • Constructing vertical structures such as pergolas or covered patios, and fences without permits.
  • Constructing perimeter fences without obtaining a permit or providing the survey to the Building Inspector to ensure that the fences will not encroach on a neighbor’s property.
  • Making roof repairs and replacements without permits. Overlaying a new roof over an existing roof also requires a permit.
  • Plumbers failing to have the proper slope on their drain lines.
  • Failure to provide proper licensing for plumbers and electricians.
  • During the rough inspection, nail guards are usually the reason the Building Inspector fails inspections.
  • Missing hurricane clips or an inadequate number of nails for the clips.
  • Contractors failing to follow the plans approved by the Building Inspector. The Building Inspector will stop the work until new plans are submitted and approved, or the work is altered to match the approved plans.
  • Encroaching in the setbacks.

Yes. Because our Town is small and our taxes our low, our Building Inspector works part time. Despite the limited hours, the Building Inspector is responsive and efficient. Leave a phone message or send an email:

Monday - Friday: 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
David Travis
(956) 433-7191 for tax information on your home for contractor licensing information for the Texas Board of Plumbing Examiners


Building and Standard Commission- Contact if you are interested in volunteering